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Rex Urbany and Kerry Horton at Ole Red restaurant in Oklahoma.

Pablo Garcia has completed refurbishing these Albuquerque Fire Department Mounted Patrol chaps that were donated to our museum by Kenny Sewell. Look for them in the museum soon. A big thank you to Kenny and Pablo, again!

(Photo courtesy of Donny Sanchez)

Mural at old 7’s on 47th
painted by

Paramedic Driver Steve Murzyn assisted by C Batt crew
Capt Joe Garcia
Driver Bill Romero
FF Donny Sanchez
FF Mike Murphy
Lt Paramedic Dominic Griego
Mural still exists after AFR building maintenance moved in. Nice to see that it was left as is. We named the girl Gisele.

Eugene McPeek, I’m tired of looking for my golf ball. Come pick me up. or… Is he waiting for everybody else to reach the green. (2024)

OG and Brenda Lucero hosted a dinner party for the honor guard and executive board.. Left to Right – Jim Summers, Kerry Horton, Tom Romero, Emiliano Chavez, Eulogio Lucero, Mike Fox, Anthony Nuanez, Donny Sanchez, JimTuma. (2024)

Herman Bishop lecturing to the crowd

On Sunday, February 18, 2023 at 2 pm, Herman Bishop and Eddie Abeita presented the history of Albuquerque Fire Department fire-fighting to the Albuquerque Historical Society from bucket brigades to hand-drawn and horse-drawn fire hoses to modern times.

Eddie Abeita discusses historical photos

Albuquerque Historical Society article HERE

L to R
Dr. Paul Gonzales
FF James Benavidez
FF Donny Sanchez
Lt medic Dominic Griego
Dr. Medic Roy Peterson
Capt Gerald Lovato
That night was the last shift for driver Paul Gonzales C- battalion Station 18

As we all know, Sam has forever given of himself to better our association, and help any member in need, no matter what. Well, Ogee wanted to make sure that Sam knew how much we appreciate him for all that he has done over these many years, and a few weeks ago Ogee nominated Sam for KOB’s Pay it Forward honors. The Pay it Forward honors are given to individuals that tirelessly give back to their community without looking for anything in return, and that describes Sam perfectly. Sam was chosen to be this month’s recipient, and at today’s Honor Guard  practice, Ogee arranged to have KOB show up and present Sam with the Pay it Forward honors and $400 in cash. Sam graciously accepted the honor and immediately donated the $400 to AFDRA, a gesture that exemplifies exactly who Sam is.

KOB aired the presentation on Monday, January 8th, 2024 on the 10 pm news broadcast.

Deputy Chief Kevin Fernando presented Ogee with the Retired Firefighter Special Recognition Award. This award is presented to retirees that never let their commitment to service retire.

AFDRA Honor Guard providing color guard duties at the 101st Fire Cadet graduation ceremony on December 14, 2023.


September 27th 2023, our Honor Guard participated in the 14th annual Blue Mass Memorial at the Kiva Auditorium at the Convention Center. Eulogio, Donny, Jim, and James represented AFDRA with style and class as they performed the “Striking the Four Fives” as AFR Fire Chief read the 4-5’s proclamation.  

Check out Bill Raupfer‘s new book that he self published in August 2009. Copyright August 2022.

Bishop’s Raiders Video

Silverio Sanchez, our oldest retiree attends the association meeting (August 2023)

Our President Emeritus, Sam Trujillo, at the Round House

NM Governor Michelle Lujan-Grisham has appointed Sam Trujillo to serve on the New Mexico Veterans Advisory Board. We thank Sam for his tireless efforts to improve the lives of not only AFD retirees, but NM Veterans as well.

Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham has appointed Sam Trujillo as the NM Veterans Advisory Board Chairman. Here, Bernalillo County Clerk, Linda Stover swears Sam in as board chairman.

Retiree’s breakfast at Anna’s 12-1-23, 
(L to R) Ed Chavez, Robby Sanchez, Tom Ortega Jr., Matt Ortega (no relation), Matt Gutierrez, Donny Sanchez, Richard Sanchez, Tim Payne, Gabe Blea

Brett McWilliams and Rex Urbany on the Fourth of July in Oklahoma.(2023)

L-R, State Fire Marshall George Chavez, Fire Chief Morris Hulling, Ralph Mora, Lawrence Padilla, Ben Dimas, Craig Lake, Johnny Baros, Dax Martinez, Eulogio “Ogee” Lucero, Ron Archuleta, Kerry Turner, James Parra, Anthony Braunscheweiger, Manny Orona, David Boyd, Kerry Murphy, David LaCour, Darin Dewhirst, Anthony Nuanez, Don Shainin

Steve and Tish Saddoris with some friends.(2023)

IAFF Motorcycle Group
On Wednesday, September 28th, the AFDRA Honor Guard participated in the 2022 Blue Mass Celebration honoring public safety workers and military personnel. Representatives from every agency in the area were present and our Honor Guard members Donny Sanchez and Emiliano Chavez rang the Four Fives.
Members of the Albuquerque Fire Department Retirees Association Honor Guard Perform the last alarm presentation Sunday September 11, 2022, to honor those who responded to the twin towers on September 11, 2001.
September 11 ceremony at Civic Plaza
Left to right: Kerry Horton, Donny Sanchez, Michelle Lujan Grisham, Emiliano Chavez, Eulogio Lucero, Ralph Sedillo
Eddie Abeita being sworn in as AFDRA Secretary
(December 2022)
1991 Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta
AFD Horse Patrol, right to left – Lieutenant Kenneth Sewell, Driver Pat Mulligan, Firefighter Brett McWilliams
Retirees attending the 2022 IAFF Christmas party
Reliving the dream.
(These new stove top helmets are awesome)
Honor Guard Display. Mannequin and uniform donated by Bill Raupher


More photos and videos coming soon.