AFDRA Meeting Report

June 12th, 2024

Monthly Meeting Report

The 286th AFDRA meeting was called to order at 1905. After the Pledge of Allegiance Morris Gutierrez gave the opening prayer. A moment of silence was held for Abel Coronado, Dale Noblitt, Marcus Byrne, Chuck Valdez, Frank Cisneros, David Herrera, and Gilbert Escarcida

Since there was no contested election for the positions of President and Secretary, Louis Trujillo made a motion to elect Kerry Horton to President and Eddie Abeita to Secretary by acclamation. The motion was seconded by Ray Sedillo and the motion passed. The swearing in ceremony will take place at the July meeting.

President’s Report;

By Kerry Horton

We were successful in obtaining a grant from the New Mexico DOT for new uniforms for our Honor Guard. They have been fitted at TLC and now it is just the long wait until the order is filled.

AFR is graduating the 102nd Cadet Class on Thursday June 13th at the Cid Cutter Pavilion at Balloon Fiesta Park at 1 PM. Our Vice President Donny Sanchez will be honored at the graduation ceremony with a Special Recognition Award for his continued dedication to the fire community in his retirement. Donny serves AFDRA as our Vice President and has been a long-standing member of our Honor Guard, as well as serving as a referee for the youth sport community for many years. We thank Donny for his years of dedicated service to our AFDRA community.

Vice President’s Report;

By Donny Sanchez      

Donny gave a welfare report on Kevin McCauley, who reached out to Donny via text. 

Secretary’s Report;

By Eddie Abeita

Eddie passionately read the May meeting minutes and a motion to accept the minutes was passed. 

Treasurer’s Report;

By Mike Fox

Mike gave the May 2024 financial report. All funds are accounted for, and the books are in good order. As always, the books are open to everyone for review. A motion to accept the Treasurer’s report passed. 

Historian’s Report;

By Herman Bishop

Herman expressed his grief over the fact that we have lost so many AFDRA members in such a short time this year, and he shared stories about working with some of our recently departed members.

Committee Reports;

Funeral Committee, Sam commended the AFDRA Honor Guard for the fine job that they always do representing our association and in paying honor to our fallen Brothers for their families.

Picnic Committee, the date of our annual AFDRA Picnic is set for August 17th, 2024

Election Committee, See above.

Matters Good for the Association;

A motion was made to charge $100 for the use of the table and chair trailer. The fee will be used to maintain the upkeep and inventory of the tables and chairs as well as the maintenance of the trailer. The motion was passed, and the fee will be implemented immediately.

A motion was made and passed to give the Honor Guard members a one time $50 to cover fuel costs considering the recent number of funerals they have attended. 

We acknowledged AFDRA member Ralph Sedillo for his dedicated service to the Honor Guard and as our Raffle Coordinator for all these years. Ralph is stepping down as a member of the Honor Guard and as our Raffle Coordinator and we thanked him for all his years of dedicated service to our AFDRA community.

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The meeting was adjourned at 2110.

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